by syaffolee

Double Take

In the course of a conversation, someone said in all seriousness, “Since we’re such a diverse group, I just wanted to let you all know that [insert a general announcement].” Normally, this statement would be pretty boring, but this was directed to a group of white girls in their early twenties with the exception of me (listening in).

I desperately wanted to jump up and say, What?!!! You call yourselves diverse? Different colored dresses and hair totally don’t cut it.

(I generally do not call people out on small comments that reveal their insular viewpoints and opinions in the normal flow of things. Of course, how the heck can people expand their viewpoint if no one points out their ignorance? Well, I think it depends on the person pointing it out. If their narrowness is pointed out by a person who is not like them, they will get defensive and possibly blame you for being too sensitive, whiny, and obsessed with political correctness.)