by syaffolee

Well, I Got A Button That Says “Zing!”

I just got back from a lecture that was more like a motivational speech. And you know, I view pretty much any type of speech designed to fire people up with a large dose of cynicism and skepticism. I think motivation (or my motivation at any rate), comes from within. I don’t really give a damn how much someone yells screeds on the microphone. In the end, if I’m doing something, it’s because I want to. Not because some person who makes a living yapping in front of audiences says so.

One factoid that the speaker threw out: that women who walk faster achieve more. As someone who walks slower than other people simply because I’m too short and too cautious when navigating ice covered hills, I think someone made it up to make exercise fiends feel better about themselves.

Addendum: Oh, and you know the saying that there are no dumb questions? Well according to the speaker, apparently there are at least two. 1) “Is this going to be on the test?” (asked in class) and 2) “Do you have anything important to do?” (asked of a prof famous in his field).