by syaffolee

No One Looks At It Anyway

I usually make a point to avoid the “NaNoWriMo Ate My Soul” (formerly “I Hate Myself and Want to Die”) forum. It’s depressing and sucks all the energy that could have been used for something more productive into some self-pitying void.

There is a thread, though, about people complaining about other people looking at their writing notes without their permission. Oh horrors! They’re invading my privacy! And I’m mostly thinking, Get over it. One part of human nature is to want to know the secret. If you tell someone that you’re doing something but make it a point to not show them you’re efforts, they’ll become curious–and if they don’t have any bit of self-restraint, they’ll pry.

I put myself online. I’ve blogged for seven years and I put parts of my prep work up every year. (But not the first year–only because I had no prep work that year.) And you know what? Very few people care about my writings or my life. Most of them are random people online. People in real life visit, find it tedious, and never visit again. If everything’s already there to peruse at your fingertips, it becomes uninteresting. So take it from me, hide in plain sight.

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