by syaffolee

“Wow, Looks Like Everyone Got the Memo.”

Well, that’s what a lady behind me in line said. I was somewhat amused that I ended up in the precinct with the longest line. People were walking past the line, thinking it was for another precinct (which in reality only had two or three people showing up at the early hour) and then exclaiming, “Oh my God!” when they realized it was their line.

Also, I have one complaint: Finding the polling place was not intuitive! Or maybe they were just trying to weed out all the dumb people. It’s no use if only one side of the building (the building in question: the Kibbie Dome) had signs. I bumped into another person who was lost, so I know it wasn’t just me.

And a d’oh moment: The person who was initially lost had asked someone else about the location of the polling place and that person had replied with no sarcasm whatsoever, “Elections? There’s an election today?” Man, sometimes I think I’m out of touch with the world because I spend too much time in lab, but apparently I’m not the one living under a rock.