by syaffolee

Twice the Age of 14-Year-Olds, Half as Mature

Like other people with birthdays on holidays, I’m somewhat torn about putting more emphasis on the personal versus the importance of something larger. Then again, at least I wasn’t born on Christmas. But no, that hasn’t really been worrying at me lately. Instead, I’ve been pondering the concept of “growing up”. I don’t really care if I am grown up or not, but I do care about being taken seriously. Compare me (single, childless, petless, no “real” job) with someone at the same age who has the proverbial spouse, 2.5 kids, dog, and the house with the white picket fence. Who would you immediately gravitate to as someone who would understand the issues that are important to you better?

* * *
Anyways, I’d like to reference this post again. It’s more fun than leaving people happy birthday comments.