by syaffolee

Hey, It’s NOT Tuesday!

Tuesday Too

1. What choice DO you have? What choice are you looking at, staring in the face and wondering which way you should go because doing this or doing that means that everything changes from here on out forever? What choice are you avoiding making?

There are always choices, even when it doesn’t look like you have any–you’re just not looking hard enough. At the moment, I’m on one path and don’t have any particular inclination to deviate from it even though there are uncertainties. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have the choice to do something else. Heck, I could drop everything now and become a traveling hobo if I really wanted to. But I’m not.

And even if I made a choice, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely inflexible. There are always options.

As for avoidance, I don’t do avoidance. Procrastination, maybe.

2. Okay, so I’ve got the first and third question written, and I’m having a problem coming up with the second one. Do you find it hard or easy to create things — questions like this, art, stories, plans, letters, etcetera… from scratch?

In one sense, no one creates anything from scratch. Everything is built, in some way, based on previous work. The only time when I feel like I get to make stuff up out of nothing is when I write a story. But it’s probably just an illusion. Even that is based on what I’ve learned and what I’ve been inspired by. Concepts from other people’s fiction most likely have been percolating in my subconscious only to be remixed once I write down the words.

3. What do you suppose ever happened to jf cates?

No idea. I hope she’s doing okay.