by syaffolee

At Least I’ve Got All My Fingers and Toes

The Pink and Blue Project. (via Metafilter) About two months ago, the lab tech picked out a baby shower gift for a support scientist whose wife was having a baby. She showed it to everyone and I made the appropriate cute noises even though the thing was pink. I suppose this was a safe choice–but it was also predictable and presumptive*. From birth, this kid is going to be conditioned to be “girly” starting with color. Why can’t people just be glad that they’re having a kid at all rather than obsessing on whether or not it’s a girl or a boy? Wouldn’t it make more sense to buy practical stuff (like diapers) or toys that would interest a baby itself rather than things in which a society or culture deems “appropriate”?

By the way, when I was a baby, I had green clothes. As far as I know, this had not been detrimental to my development.

*My possibly ill-informed opinion, of course. I don’t have kids. I don’t know anything about kids. When it comes to kids, I defer to the expertise of those who do have them (although having kids does not guarantee in any way that the parents have gained any wisdom whatsoever).