by syaffolee

Cilantro Therapy

Sometimes, like today, I wish I was a bit more vocal about things which really annoy me. Take, for instance, the post office. What the heck is up with only handling certain things from Monday to Friday? Why can’t you also do it on Saturday when you’re also open?

I’m one of those people who feels guilty when I’m not in lab during the “usual hours”. (I also feel guilty when I’m not in lab during the unusual hours, but for obvious reasons, a little less so.) I don’t want to have my work disrupted because of some bureaucratic thing–although I know some people who’d use this excuse to take off the entire day. Thus when I reserve Saturday to get real life stuff done and find myself thwarted, I’m more irate than pissed.

I’ve heard that some people do retail therapy when they’re upset. Spending money and buying things doesn’t make me particularly happy (especially when you consider the bills), so I’m leaning toward stress-free culinary havoc. Cilantro, meet knife. Mmmm.