by syaffolee

Not Much Into Junk

The Trough of No Value (via Boing Boing) explores “the time in an object’s life-cycle between when it’s valuable because it’s new, and when it’s valuable because it’s old and collectible — the long period in between when it’s worthless.” And I’m thinking, Antiques Roadshow.

I’m not sure it’s even worth it to keep around anything which has no utility except for its monetary value. If you’re not going to sell it, it’s not going to make your life appreciably better.

Objects, for me, generally come in two classes: useful and useless. These days*, I’ve internalized a minimalist and utilitarian aesthetic in my daily life which includes not buying anything which I consider useless. I’m not much of a hoarder–excessive clutter drives me nuts. And if I needed to move tomorrow, well, that would be one less thing to worry about. True, I sometimes do accumulate piles of stuff, but this stuff is 100% books. I don’t have knick-knacks or posters adorning walls. No random shiny things reside in my living space to give it a homey atmosphere**.

Of course, I’ll make an exception if the object in question happens to be a lava lamp.

*I used to collect things when I was younger, but I currently have no plans for augmenting those collections.
**I’ve moved around too much in my life to call any particular place “home”. My current residence? Also transient. It seems a little presumptuous to call a place home (or even decorate it as such) if I’m not planning on staying there permanently.