by syaffolee

This Year It’s “Catching-Up-On-Sleep” Day

The Tide of Pink and Flowery. I mentally groan whenever someone asks the question, “What do women want?” It’s like asking, “What’s the weather like?” with no point of reference. It could be sunny, raining, or as unbearable as a Plutonian winter. As to what I want–well, no one gives a damn anyway. And I couldn’t care less. I like the attitude of expecting the worst and being pleasantly surprised if anything goes the other direction.

I suppose there’s a lot to rant about V-Day: how it’s too commercialized, how it sets up unrealistic expectations and makes single people feel bad, how it engenders the keeping-up-with-the-Joneses attitude (my bouquet is bigger than yours!), how the whole thing is as ridiculous as a kid getting his sweetheart a teddy bear big enough to hold a dead body in, blah blah blah. But frankly, I’m too uninterested to rehash all this stuff. When resentful people start raving about Valentine’s (i.e. whining about their lack of love life), my eyes glaze over.

Sometimes I tell depressed singles, “Hey, I’m single, too!”, just to let them know that they aren’t abnormal in their lifestyle, that they’re not the single outcast freak in the sea of coupledom. But these depressed singles look at me as if I’ve lost my marbles. Anyone who knows me understands that my personality is such that I have a tendency–even a preference–to go off and do my own thing. Yet most just don’t comprehend why. Then again, I don’t understand why some people are bitterly unhappy if they aren’t attached to someone. For instance, I had to listen to another grad student in lab complain all of last semester that she didn’t have a boyfriend. This was both uncomfortable and weird. It was like being forced to watch a televangelist when all you really wanted to do was to chill out with a James Bond marathon.

A lot of people would be happier if they viewed this hoopla with amused apathy. It’s like Lent for non-Catholics. Smile and nod your head whenever you come across a fanatical participant. The rest of the time, treat the day like any other.

Besides, why worry about that when today is Darwin Day! (Thanks, Google, for reminding me with your funky logos.) I think I’ll celebrate by making some “primordial” soup for dinner. I’ve got some chicken stock handy…