by syaffolee

Old People Appropriate Social Networking, News At Eleven

Why Facebook Is for Old Fogies. (via Fimoculous) I’m not on any social networking sites and I do not consider myself cool. Or hot for that matter. I’m a distinct shade of temperaturelessness. At any rate, I’m very easy to find by Google. If you’re trying to reach me–yet you cannot bother to find my e-mail address by one single Google search–let me save you the trouble by saying that I’m not worth finding anyway.

I can see the appeal of something like Twitter. It’s just like blogging except with limited characters. One of the reasons I’m not doing that is due to time. I don’t have time to twiddle on the keys, spouting out inanities whenever it strikes me (not that I already do it here, albeit on a more occasional scale). The main purpose of a social networking site like Facebook or MySpace is to connect with people–which has nothing to do with why I’m clogging up the interwebs with my blather. I write because I want to write. I will continue to write even if I had no audience. Connecting with other people or other people connecting to me just happens to be an interesting side effect, definitely not something I actively strive for.

Besides, I don’t see the point in me signing up for this kind of thing. As I’ve mentioned above, Google is already a pretty good tool in tracking me down. I can sort of see someone who has no other internet presence using Facebook, but it kind of seems too much if an individual has a Facebook on top of a website, a blog, and any number of other online doohickeys.