Mine’s Eclectic

Well, I finally got around to updating my blogroll (not to be confused with the bookroll, which will be updated as soon as I finish a book). It more accurately reflects my online reading habits–but other than my own edification and cross-linkage, what purpose does it serve anyway? I’m more likely to pay attention to a blog’s commenters.

Sometimes I look at other people’s blogrolls, but they’re pretty much impossible to interpret. Does the blogger actually read these blogs or are they just there for reciprocal linking?

I’m reminded of the recommendation systems at book sites where you find a book and some algorithm comes up with a bunch of other “similar” books that you might also like. It would be awesome if the blogroll also contained sites that the reader might find worthwhile to read. But so far, I’ve found this to be hit-or-miss. Occasionally, I find interesting blogs this way. And other times, I reach a site that I can’t click away fast enough.