by syaffolee

Convert to the Church of Attenborough

Approximately two weeks ago, I mentioned to an undergrad* in casual conversation that I had started watching David Attenborough’s 1975 documentary series The Tribal Eye** since I am a total Attenborough fangirl. I half expected to be ignored (fangirls are always ignored) or at least brushed off for having kooky tastes.

But this week, the undergrad tells me out of the blue, “I have a mancrush on David Attenborough!!!!!” Without sarcasm. Apparently, he has started working his way through the entire Life series and is totally in love with Attenborough’s narration.

Some might say that I’ve created a monster. But I think this is just evidence that my tastes (in documentaries at least) do not completely suck.

*No, he was not one of the undergrads who did this.

**Which I’m still in the middle of. I might do a write-up once I finish the entire series.