by syaffolee

Digital Manipulation

I’ve recently discovered a graphics editor called Inkscape and lately have been fiddling around with it. So far, I’ve found it fairly easy and intuitive to use–I might even use it to make my poster for this year’s ASM general meeting*. Although I do wonder if the apparent ease is really just me being accustomed to how most programs work. Because I definitely recall my first encounter with Photoshop. And it was not a Happy Time. Spending late nights at a computer lab attempting to manipulate yearbook pictures so that all the seniors appeared like streakers** crouching amidst some strategically placed bushes was definitely not high on my list for being artistically creative.

*If anyone else is also there, I’ll be presenting on Thursday morning. Drop by and say hi. And I’d love to blather to you about my research. Also apologies in advance for those of you who might be expecting something else–I promise it won’t have anything to do with naked college students.

**They were the ones who asked to be photoshopped. Not me.