by syaffolee


You know things are getting stressful in lab when the PI, who almost never comes into lab, starts dropping by every couple hours or so and even starts helping out. What I don’t understand is why the person* whose humongous project this is, has been into lab even fewer times** than my advisor. As a whole, this project is pretty important*** for two labs and everyone is pitching in except this person. And supposedly, this person is going to present the data at his seminar. As one of the people who is pretty much sacrificing all the weekends this term to prepare for the experiment, troubleshoot it, perform it, and analyze the data–I have my doubts about this person being able to fully understand the data once he gets those spreadsheets full of numbers.

*I don’t really quite know who he is since he hasn’t even deigned to show up at lab meetings.
**Total number of times = 1.
***The project has several phases with deadlines. If you miss one, you’re screwed.