by syaffolee

There Is No Hoop

I don’t care about basketball, which I feel I can safely do because it has no bearing on my life. However, two basketball-mad undergrads have been trolling through all the labs in the building to hand out blank basketball brackets. They’ve been pestering me to fill one out. I replied with grumblings about lemmings and peer pressure, but they didn’t listen. Instead, they somehow got my advisor to apply the torture screws.

Fine, I filled one out.

But I didn’t do this in any sensible way. I didn’t do it randomly either. Rather, it’s a weird and obnoxious method–I took all the nicknames of the teams and ran it through the Library of Congress Catalog via a Sooper Sekrit Search String. With the resulting call numbers, I ordered all the teams alpha-numerically.

And if this method happens to yield more than statistically random results, I will eat my figurative hat.