by syaffolee

Unsnowy Amusement

Earlier in the week, while I was glancing morosely at the snow accumulating outside, I half-jokingly said aloud, “I wonder if there’s a university in Tahiti.”

“If there is,” another grad student responded, “then you can go there and become a professor of tiki.”

I don’t know anything about tiki except for the stereotypical image of weird little wooden statues that make for tacky souvenirs, and my knowledge of Tahiti is pretty much confined to travel shows and Gauguin–so that compelled me to do some internet searching. In fact, there is a university in Tahiti. As for tiki trivia, I found out that some company makes tequila bottles with a glass tiki inside. I think this would amuse the grad student who knows every drink special in town by heart.