by syaffolee

The Quick and the Dead

The old hand-me-down digital camera my dad gave me a couple of years ago died today. It was pretty sickly in the first place too, since it took a while to wake up. (And it ate regular batteries like they were tic-tacs.) So I’m in the early stages of researching digital cameras. At first, I thought my preferences were really simple–something that would enable me to shoot a picture quickly and transfer to a computer. But the more I thought about it, I realized I wanted something that had a lot of memory–something that could hold at least a thousand pictures with a good enough resolution that I could put it on the blog without making readers cross-eyed.

* * *
Since the university has this deal with Microsoft to run the university e-mail through Windows Live, it was not surprising when ITS sent a notice advertising Windows Live Spaces as a blogging platform. I already have (more than one) blog and I have no inclination to create more–so this is pointless for me. But even if I were interested in creating one, I’d probably not do it with this because I do not have the ability to customize everything in the layout.