by syaffolee

What’s That Doing Here?

A couple days ago, while doing the usual grocery shopping, I spotted some Zero bars sitting on the rack at the cash register. Usually, I couldn’t care less about candy–most of the time I only buy it because it’s Halloween and I need to give something away. But Zero bars are another thing altogether. It’s not because it tastes better than other candy or that I’m fascinated by its novelty or that I have weird cravings for it. It’s because its appearance–when or where–is so unpredictable. While I was growing up, even in the southeast where it is supposedly abundant, a store might carry the candy bar one day and not the next. So who knows when it’ll show up again. Thus, whenever I see that silver wrapper, my latent hoarding inclinations are awakened and I grab a couple bars even if I end up not eating one until several weeks later. Other shoppers staring at me strangely? Pah. Don’t they even realize that a Zero is rarer than a blue moon?