by syaffolee

What To Do

Boys Fix Things. Girls Need Things Fixed. (via Metafilter) Hm. I mostly view this as a curiosity. These days, I think cultural mores hold a lot more sway in what sorts of expectations people want their kids to have. My parents have only told me that they wish I get a job which paid me enough to live comfortably (a sentiment that I completely agree with), but I grew up around a lot of Chinese Americans of the older generation who believed that you (if you happened to be Asian) would be a total failure if you did not become a medical doctor. It didn’t matter if you were male or female. If you didn’t end up going to medical school, people assumed you screwed up somewhere.

I try not to dwell on the subjective, pointless, and thoroughly depressing internal debate on whether or not I am a screw-up. Instead, I keep telling myself that it could be worse.