by syaffolee

Yeesh, Did You Think I Wouldn’t Notice?

Apparently, I couldn’t register for the next semester because I “owed three thousand dollars for being an out-of-state student”. WTF, indeed. The people at the payroll office explained it away as a system glitch. I suppose I just should be glad that I managed to straighten everything out today.

* * *
A fascinating bit of information I found out today: the university has to pay taxes that amounts to more than what they would pay an ordinary instructor if a tenure-track or tenured professor does not teach the “core” courses. However, if a professor teaches the core course rather than the instructor, the professor gets paid his going rate (i.e. more than the instructor), but then the university has to find someone else to teach the non-core class the prof would have taught if he didn’t have to teach the core course. And regardless of who teaches the non-core course, they get paid the same rate.

Also: all undergraduates are required to take the core courses. The students with high SAT and/or ACT scores are highly dissatisfied with those courses. The students with lower scores love them and find them valuable. Everyone (no surprise) thinks there’s too much homework.