by syaffolee

I Am No One’s Secretary

I think it has finally sunk into people’s heads that I hate answering the phone if it’s for a Certain Post-Doc in the lab next door. Our lab and that lab share a phone line–I have yet to pry the reason why from anybody–and it always seems that 90% of the calls are for him. But he never answers the phone.

This week, other people have been rushing to answer the phone even though the confounded contraption is sitting right there on my desk. Callers, once recognizing me on the other side, have stated outright that they were not looking for this Certain Post-Doc. Still, I do not think it is the other people’s responsibility either. This Certain Post-Doc just needs to get his own cell phone like everyone else (heck, even I have one even though I hardly use it) and let his contacts know his new number.