by syaffolee

Caught in Crossfire

An update on yesterday: I really hate drama–especially when I’m thrust into it involuntarily. After checking the rules and the grad college, it doesn’t appear that I’ve done anything wrong. I have all my forms signed and approved. The paperwork from yesterday was reluctantly signed although the department head is still demanding that I put another person on my committee for ideological reasons. My committee chair thinks this is one of those stupid WTF situations that shouldn’t have occurred in the first place. And my advisor is going to bat for me even if this makes him “Public Enemy Number One.”*

Worst case scenario: I’m forced to put another person on my committee who will totally not jive with the members already in the group. Infighting ensues and I will never graduate.

Makes one want to crawl under the covers and imagine that none of this is happening, doesn’t it?

*His words. And this is exactly why people thinking about grad school should be very careful about who they pick as their advisors.