by syaffolee

Link Clearing III

Adolescent Sleep Schedule. I didn’t really have any problems when I was a teenager, but when I got to college, it was a little different. To my chagrin, I sometimes found myself drifting off during lectures. Now, I don’t need all that much sleep although I’ve found that how alert I am also depends on whether or not the sun is still in the sky.

1001 List. I don’t feel obligated to read those particular books, but I do feel bad about not reading more. So far this year, I’ve pretty much been reading only science papers although I’ve been slowly putting a dent into Mary Roach’s Stiff.

You’ve Been Warned. The last lines of each chapter of James Patterson novels as comics. Someone should do this for some other novels too.

Why Iceland has the happiest people on earth. Hm, this is one year ago. Is it still true today? What about Bhutan?

Comfort Food, for Monkeys. Huh. When I’m stressed, food doesn’t particularly solve anything. Getting some sleep does.