by syaffolee

Link Clearing IV

A Pest Without a Name, Becoming Known to Ever More. “The ant is a previously unknown variety with a staggering propensity to reproduce and no known enemies. The species, which bites but does not sting, was first identified here in 2002 by a Pearland exterminator, Tom Rasberry, who quickly lent his name to the find: the crazy rasberry ant.”

Cook finds gecko in chook egg. “He said the gecko may have crawled into the chicken to feast on an embryo — and got stuck. The egg then formed around the lizard.” Ewwww.

Slash fiction is like a banquet. I think this particular rant could be applied to any kind of fiction.

The brains of dead Russian geniuses. “The collection contains the brains of some of the Russia’s greatest psychologists and neuroscientists and has many curious aspects to it, such as the mysterious death of its founder. After death, his brain was immediately added to the collection.” Heh.

James Bond Covers. Too bad they’re not US covers.