by syaffolee

Thursday in Brief, After Some Sleep

*No caffeine. Darn.

*Put up poster and met up with advisor at morning session.

*First lecture: Some microbes may make secondary metabolites that influence factors implicated in aging. If only the speaker talked more about which microbes rather than just the chemicals involved.

*Second lecture: Opiods can upregulate the virulence of bad bacteria. Also, in the presence of opiods, bad bacteria secrete factors which kill off the good bacteria. Maybe we should all have second thoughts about getting that morphine at the hospital.

*Third lecture: Hm, so I guess if you stop that feedback loop between the bacteria and host, you’ll stop diarrhea?

*Fourth lecture: Stress (especially the chemicals your body makes when it is stressed) make bad bacteria happy. I wonder if things like meditation has any effect.

*Fifth lecture: Microbes are involved in a “signaling exchange”. But it sounds more like warfare than actual communication.

*Poster session! Met one guy who is big in the mother-to-infant HIV transmission field and in the process of developing something to prevent viral transmission. The only problem with testing this is that the upkeep of monkeys is extremely expensive.

*And, to the airport. Got back around 2:30 AM.