by syaffolee

Link Clearing VIII

Mystery on Fifth Avenue. The idea of a puzzle house is really cool, but I can’t help but think that knowing that the builder put all of this in just so people could have fun with it takes out some of the mystery.

Oops. This reminds me of a story I recently heard about a diehard chemist that one of the professors knows who could synthesize whatever compound you needed (or wanted). One day, the professor was using a compound that he got from Sigma-Aldrich for an experiment and he couldn’t get it to work. So he called up his chemist friend who happily made another batch for him and analyzed the Sigma compound which turned out to be something entirely different from the label. The chemist got into a row with the company and it ended up that he (the chemist) was right. So I guess the lesson here is: if you’re 100% sure you’ve got the protocol right and your experiment is still going badly–check your reagents.

On Kimchi. I don’t know much about Korean food, but I’m always up to reading about it.

Free choice and the female science divide. I have noticed that some types of sciences have higher numbers of females than others. What this means, I’m not sure. Are females naturally geared towards more social sciences or are there still some cultural expectations for females to go into those areas?

Hark! A Vagrant. I haven’t even read any Jane Austen, yet I still find this hilarious.