by syaffolee

The Horns Are Probably Underneath All That Hair

Turning in paperwork to university drones is ridiculous. Having the FBI do a background check on you is probably less painful. For instance, this afternoon, a new undergrad working in the lab came back with the story that some administrative assistant was going to shred her recommendations from her professors simply because she had hand delivered them instead of faxed* them. (Fortunately, she got to keep her documents because she looked “trustworthy”. Sheesh.) This kind of stuff is not new. I’ve heard tales of these administrative assistants telling students that they had better things to do than to process their forms, promptly lose those forms, just plain ignoring people to play solitaire, and other idiotic and incompetent crap.

I’m fairly paranoid about paperwork–thus the many backup copies that I keep on hand–so when the stuff I turn in is lost, I just roll my eyes and turn in another copy. And frankly, I have the feeling that some of those administrative assistants hate everybody–whether you’re attractive or plain, male or female, young or old, a lowly student or a Very Important Professor.

*Dinosaurs and inertia. It’s like trying to chop down a tree with an axe when a perfectly good chainsaw is available.