by syaffolee

Yummy Experiments in Progress

Someone once told me that I was probably a scientist in the kitchen as well as the lab. I beg to differ. For scientific experiments I follow protocol, optimize and troubleshoot with sometimes frightening thoroughness, and document everything like an obsessive diarist. In the kitchen, I don’t follow recipes at all. I just throw whatever I have on hand together and hope it tastes good. The only two reasons I read or own cookbooks at all are the pictures and any bits of cooking science trivia.

The smoothie is the one kind of food that seems tailor made for my kind of cooking philosophy. I love fruit smoothies, but I hate buying them because they’re too expensive for the amount of work the person on the other side of the counter puts into them. And if ice is added into the mix, I think it’s a total rip-off. So my goal this summer is to figure out (by random trial and error) what makes for great combinations.

Notes so far:

*Substitute ice with frozen fruit.

*You can never go wrong with banana and/or yogurt–especially if you want a creamy texture.

*Never use beer.

*Apples make things more runny than you might first assume.

*Ice cream might be something to add–if you want to drink liquid frosting.

*It’s quite possible that there is no optimal ratio for pineapple to coconut.