by syaffolee

Punny Research

I was reading this and recalled that I actually did use a LOLcat–or rather, a LOLbacteria–in a presentation not too long ago. But in retrospect, it was probably overkill. My particular research topic just begs for bad puns. So much so that my advisor keeps griping, “We’ve got to find another name for this thing!” I shrug it off because, hey, it pretty much makes it a no-brainer when coming up with snappy (albeit groan-worthy) titles.

After hearing the PI complain about it for the umpteenth time, one undergrad coined an alternative acronym that was hilariously worse. LAME.

* * *
During the summer, the lab is trying out a new format for meetings–joint lab meetings with another lab and journal club on alternate weeks. The two PIs have already presented papers so that earlier this week when we had a meeting to decide who would present next, the PI for the other lab suggested: “The PhD students should present next.”

There was a pause before I realized aloud to everyone’s amusement: “Hey, I’m the only PhD student here.”