by syaffolee

So What Do They Want To Hear?

One student has started asking what he calls “Miss America Questions” to everyone in lab. Last week’s question was: If you were a fish, what fish would you be? Predictably, a lot of people answered, “Shark.” This week, the question is: What would be your perfect vacation?

Various answers from other lab members:

Visiting all the Greek islands1

Some place with a temperate climate with water nearby2

Touring Africa while giving out Bibles and anti-malarial tablets3

Any place where they speak Spanish4


South Africa, taking care of penguins6

1Said by a former winner of a local beauty pageant.
2Includes shopping district and cabana boys.
3The smart-aleck response.
4With no clarification when prompted by the question asker.
5For the sole purpose of eating very strange food depicted on travel shows.
6My answer, because I saw this while tooling around on the web.