by syaffolee

I’m Not Quite Sure What I’ve Started

I blame Dustbury. Earlier this week, I signed up for a Twitter account. My reasoning: I probably should not be doing the eye roll thing unless I’ve tried it. So far, I’ve found the 140 character format useful for random story ideas, minor lab misadventures (or major ones, I suppose), and bits of overheard conversations. A drawback–it is hell on your impulse control, especially when you’re annoyed or sleep-deprived or both. At the moment, I’m ignoring the social networking aspects of it–I am definitely not searching for people who I’ve originally met in Real Life. Of course, I am also well aware that people who do know me in Real Life might eventually suss me out. Which gives rise to the self-imposed rule (which also applies to the blog):

Do not tweet anything that you aren’t willing to say in person.