by syaffolee

Belated Photojournal: Germany Day 1

In September, I went over to Germany with my father for a few days, partly to go sightseeing and partly for a reunion with my father’s old college buddies (who I’ve meet before–when I was a baby). We mostly stuck around the region of Frankfurt and Heidelberg.

I’ve added photos for September 16 on Flickr here. It was the first day we were in Germany. Fresh off the plane at around 8 AM, one of my father’s friends took us off for breakfast and then a walking tour through Heidelberg (Main Street, Heidelberg Castle, Apothecary Museum) and the main part of Weinheim which is a small city approximately an hour’s drive north of Heidelberg. Exhausting, but wonderful. And it was at the apothecary museum that I got my current idea for this year’s Nanowrimo novel.

Clocktower at Heidelberg