by syaffolee

Belated Photojournal: Germany Day 2

I’ve added photos for September 17 on Flickr here. Previously, September 16.

On the second day, my father and I were mostly on our own. We took the train from Weinheim to Frankfurt–the cheaper train which stopped at every other station in between. At the Frankfurt train station, my father suggested we take a one hour tour on a double decker bus, but like the stereotypical male, he failed to clearly ask for directions to the bus stop when we dropped by the tourist info booth. It was only by accident that I spotted the bus stopping in front of the train station–among all the other busy traffic.

Frankfurt is a very modern city. The square surrounding the train station is international in flavor and shiny skyscrapers seem to be everywhere. After the ride on the bus, we took a boat ride on the River Main. The boat itself was scheduled to stop at a beer garden a little ways down the river, but was thwarted because an unauthorized speedboat was docked where the tour boat was supposed to dock (the captain did some shouting on his loudspeaker, but the owner of the speedboat did not appear).

The rest of the day, we walked along Schaumainkai which is pretty much a street populated solely by museums. The Städel Museum had quite a few paintings of the well known sort, but I was more impressed by their exhibition of Edvard Munch. The second museum we went to was the Liebieghaus–which specializes in sculpture. I’d say at least a solid half of their repertoire was devoted to religious works. The rest was a sprinkling of Greek/Roman, Egyptian, and Asian artifacts.

Clocktower at Heidelberg