by syaffolee

Belated Photojournal: Germany Day 4

I’ve added photos for September 19 on Flickr here. Previously, September 16, September 17, and September 18.

The last day in Germany was spent in Ladenburg and Weinheim. Because my father and his college friends were all engineers, it was more of a let’s-visit-where-Carl-Benz-lived day. Ladenburg is where Carl Benz had his garage, where the bishop of Worms had his residence, and where we took a little coffee break in a square filled with buildings that had supposedly been around since the 16th century. Later, we visited the Automuseum (not to be confused with the schmancy-fancy Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart) where I was forced to watch a cheesy German film on how Carl Benz developed his engines before being let loose to explore the museum. Frankly, I was more interested in looking at the late 19th century/early 20th century engines themselves than admiring actual car design.

From the car museum, there was a bit of car pool shuffling and I ended up riding with my father’s friend from Munich, another of his college buddies who is the head architect for the aquarium built in Stralsund, and the architect’s wife–a French teacher. And let me tell you, the architect was one wacky, wacky, chain-smoking dude. I saw him go through three cigarettes in fifteen minutes. And I was mostly dismayed when he and all the other older folks zoomed past me on the steep climb up a mountain to one of Weinheim’s watch towers-turned-beer garden.

If this trip told me anything at all, it’s that I need to get out more often from the lab bench and exercise. Or that maybe for some people, beer can be an incentive for practically anything.

Benz Museum Motor Plaque