by syaffolee

T Minus Whatever: Not Really a Countdown, Just Some Musings

Winter breaks are usually not a terribly exciting time, for me at any rate. On most years, I fly back to my parents’ house and pretty much vegetate. And during that time, I feel terribly guilty for not being productive. Or even semi-exciting.

This winter break is going to be different.

I don’t really know why it’s this year. Perhaps lately I’ve been feeling that life is too short to not seize the moment. Maybe it’s because the big three-oh is less than a year away. Or a vague sense that if I don’t somehow jumpstart myself, I’ll end up as dusty as a defunct instrument in a dark corner of some lab. As I’ve been telling people, if I don’t do it now, when will I do it? Oh sure, I could do it later, but as life goes on most people have the tendency to put things off.

So here’s the itinerary for the next two weeks (I’m pretty sure I will have internet access so I can post the occasional photo–but if you don’t see any posts here, hope that we’re just having too much fun and not accidentally stuck in the boondocks somewhere):

1. Meet my sister in Vancouver on Christmas Eve.

2. On Christmas Day, take a flight to Montreal. Possibly visit Ristorante Otto if we’re not totally exhausted from traveling.

3. Spend a week in Montreal. Probably hike Mount Royal. Eat dim sum. Visit the hospitals where we were born. Try poutine and generally get dragged along by my sister’s quest to find foodie heaven. Visit a cathedral. Visit the botanical garden. Ride the metro. Shop in the underground city.

4. Before New Year’s Eve, take a train to Toronto.

5. Have no idea what we’ll be doing, but we’ll definitely try to find the Greek neighborhood where my parents lived while my Dad was doing grad school at the University of Toronto.

6. After New Year’s: see my sister off as she flies back to Vancouver. Take The Canadian to Vancouver.

7. Approximately four/five days on a transcontinental train! Read, write, talk to strange people, and see the rest of Canada go by.

8. Get back to Vancouver. Meet up with my uncle and then back to ol’ Idaho.

But despite all this, my schedule is pretty flexible. So I’m asking all of you readers–what’s an awesome must-see place we could visit? Keep in mind it shouldn’t be far from the city–we won’t have a car since we will primarily use the subway. Let me know if you have a suggestion for Montreal, Toronto, or what to do on a really long train ride.

Note: I’m giving out Google Wave invites to the first ten people who comment on this post and send me a note via e-mail that they want to enter this contest.