by syaffolee

Traveling on Christmas Eve

Perhaps only the insane travel on Christmas Eve, but this was just how it fell this year. After getting up at an obscenely early hour and getting to the Pullman-Moscow airport, I was kind of amazed at the number of people who got tunnel vision and thought that enormous Christmas gift lotions could go on carry-ons. Then I ended up sitting next to a biology professor who gave me much unsolicited advice on where to go for a post-doc after I graduate.

Otherwise, the plane trip to Seattle and the subsequent bus trip to Vancouver was uneventful.

I met up with my sister in downtown Vancouver and after stashing my luggage at her place, we hiked around town to find an open sushi place. Because the Olympics are to be held here next year, flags of different countries have been painted on some of the streets in downtown Vancouver–for example, Granville. (For any Americans planning on visiting next February, the United States flag is located on the northwest corner of South Granville and 11th.) We ended up at Ohako Sushi and tried the all you can eat lunch special. It was okay–my sister and I have had better. Then we went to the local T & T Supermarket at the International Village to get pastries for tomorrow morning. And before we caught the bus back to my sister’s apartment, we wandered to Robson Square which had been converted into an ice skating rink.

From 20091224_Robson_Square

Currently, I’m helping my sister pack for tomorrow. And I think we may be having Vietnamese for dinner.