by syaffolee

Crazy Museum Day

Just a brief update since we got back around midnight. No pictures on this entry since I’m still in the process of uploading them. They’ll be up later when I’m not feeling so tired or so busy.

During the day, we visited a couple of places–The Grande Bibliothèque (holy crap, their media collection is extensive. You could just borrow DVDs instead of subscribing to Netflix), Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (like all contemporary art, some of it is amazing, some of it is crap. Particularly loved the art installation by Tricia Middleton–personally I think just that is worth the price of admission), Reuben’s for lunch (because we wanted to try Montreal’s smoked meat–great atmosphere, highly recommended), and the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (Squee! We came just in time for a Waterhouse exhibition–that was awesome).

As evening fell, we headed to the Biosphere–which is pretty interesting architecturally and has a good view at the top floor–but it is obviously geared towards kids. If I had been ten, I would have been more excited.

Later, my sister and I met up with one of her friends who grew up in Montreal. And he brought along more of his friends who were all loopy after getting stuffed with wine and chocolate. After a near accident involving skidding tires on ice, we managed to get to a theater to see Sherlock Holmes (a fun movie, although lacking a bit in the plot department). And after that was dinner at Mirana–a decent place although the wait for the food was kind of long considering how many other people were in the place (i.e. there was just us and maybe five other people).

And just before we got back to the hotel, we bought some bagels for tomorrow’s breakfast at Dad’s Bagels, a bagel and curry place that my sister’s foodie friends swore was it. We’ll see tomorrow morning.