Script Ideas and Other Ephemera

by syaffolee

Back in late January, I came up with a possible idea to use for Script Frenzy 2010 and posted it on Twitter:

An inkling of an idea for this year’s Script Frenzy has crept into my brain. It involves a road trip across a semi-terraformed Mars starring an astronaut with a mid-life crisis, a re-purposed lunar buggy, hot Martian chicks, and a multi-kazillionaire tycoon who wants to reactivate Olympus Mons to create the most awesome amusement park ever.

The only other planning I’ve done since then is to stare at topographical maps of Mars* and plot the direction of the road trip.

I really want to finish a script this year.  But I have had this block the previous years–mostly because I’ve failed to do proper outlines like I’ve done for Nanowrimo and having an indifferent attitude towards the script format which for some reason seems like a reject poetry form to me.

So my first order of business–to conquer this goal–is to write an outline.  Hopefully, I will restrain myself from making a stick figure storyboard.

*I also tell myself that this also doubles as doing research for possible future careers.  Let me know if you notice available post-doc positions in labs studying microbes in outer space.