Any Idea on the Price of a Mass Market Paperback?

by syaffolee

I am minding my own business at the grocery check-out line (except for overhearing a cashier blabbering about the crazy crowds he saw eight days before the Super Bowl stocking up as if Armageddon was right around the corner) when the older lady in front of me suddenly turned to me and asked:

“Do you know how much a stamp costs?”

“Er, thirty-nine cents?” I reply.  I had no idea.  The last time I bought stamps was before the last price hike–and yeah, like those crazy Super Bowl fans, I had stocked up on Forever stamps like there was no tomorrow.

“No!” She crowed.  “They’re forty-four cents!”

“Oh.”  Really, there is nothing more to say.  Trying to excuse myself would only make me look more ignorant, so I feigned sudden interest in the celery going down the conveyor belt.

But then the lady leaned over in a confiding manner.  “You should marry my son,” she said.  “He also thinks stamps cost thirty-nine cents.”  She seemed quite earnest and for a moment, I wasn’t sure if she was joking or not.

Besides, even if she wasn’t joking, you can’t base a marriage on stamp prices.  Book prices on the other hand…