Characters on a Collision Course

by syaffolee

Last month, I’ve been limping along in my planning for Script Frenzy. I said I would come up with an outline but I didn’t. But I still have a month yet so maybe I’ll get to it in the next week or two.

In my case, it’s easy to come up with setups and characters. Usually, something I see or read triggers something in my subconscious and it all comes bubbling up. But naming characters (and places, if I’m doing some world building) is like pulling teeth. I scour name and place lists and just hope that something will click.

The main character for Black Albedo (yes, my script has a title!) is Ari, an astronaut facing a mid-life crisis. C.E. Murphy once described one of her characters as “superman gone to seed” and I think that’s an apt description for Ari–except that not only does he look like he’s gone to seed, he also thinks he’s gone to seed. Ari has serious self-confidence issues.

Another character I have going on a plot line heading on a collision course with Ari is a megalomaniac tycoon named Carlise who wants Olympus Mons to be the star attraction in his amusement park. Both Ari and Carlise will start out self-centered. Maybe later, they’ll both eventually find out (in different ways) that they need to pay more attention to the people around them.

Ari will also have two sidekicks who are both more clever and talented than he is but with less ambition–(as one sidekick is an escaped convict and the other an escaped genetic experiment, their main goal is to not be caught by the authorities). As the story will be part road trip, I’m sure I’ll have to come up with more zany characters as I go along.

I’m also thinking of adding a reality show–in the form of a futuristic equivalent of television broadcasts that the characters see as they pass screens in various locations. Hopefully, I can find a way to make the reality show (tentatively named “Airlock Island”) parallel the main story.