Into the First Week of Script Frenzy

by syaffolee

So far, I’ve written more on this year’s script for Script Frenzy than the past three years put together.  Which is saying quite a bit.

What is it about this year that is greasing the wheels?  Is it the idea? No, I still find the ideas from previous years as interesting–if not more interesting–than this year’s idea.  Is it the type of script? Well, I tried a radio play last year, but the two years before that the scripts were also screenplays. Is it how I’m writing? I don’t think so. I’m using the same software as last year.  And the formatting still seems as awkward as ever. My schedule? Nope. I think I’m even more busy this year. Actually being a municipal liaison for the region, setting up meetings, and doing writing sprints on Twitter? Well, that is different but I don’t think it’s necessarily that spurring me onward.  I definitely wrote something the previous Aprils, but mostly on other projects and not on Script Frenzy.

No, I think the impetus for this year was mostly spurred by the unsaid disapproval of another participant when I mentioned that I hadn’t finished the previous three scripts.  After all, what sort of example am I setting as a municipal liaison who hasn’t finished anything (novels and short stories notwithstanding)?  She sort of ignored me in favor of talking to one of the other participants who had finished a script in a previous year.  So thank you, Unnamed Participant, for kicking my butt into gear!

And now that I think of it, it’s kind of interesting how I become even more determined to do things when other people think I’m a failure.