Closing In

by syaffolee

That magic 50k word count will most likely come early this week as I’m currently about 3.5k away from the goal.  However, I doubt the story will be actually finished at 50k.  Since the month is not over yet, I will continue writing and hopefully wrap things up at around 60k.  For the curious, here are the proposed upcoming chapters.  Some things may change, get switched around, or consolidated while I write them, but the basic plot remains the same.

Chapter 27 – Loki shows up and Freyja’s plans are spoiled.
Chapter 28 – The Wyrm discovers a clue about Thor’s whereabouts but it’s a trap.
Chapter 29 – The main characters visit the opera.
Chapter 30 – The gypsy pops up again to cause trouble.
Chapter 31 – A train ride to Cark.
Chapter 32 – Arrival at Tyr’s country house and a game of archery.
Chapter 33 – Dinner and the Wyrm’s disappearance.
Chapter 34 – Flight to Scafell.
Chapter 35 – Thor’s devious plans revealed.
Chapter 36 – Endgame.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking up ideas for Augnowrimo.  So far, I have a sci-fi plot that will be done in first person that’s sort of inspired by an essay called The Lizard, the Catacombs, and the Clock.   I’m thinking about keeping the Augnowrimo project relatively low key.  Minimal planning.  No spamming of my twitter feed with writing sprints.  I will most likely not post it on my website as I have been doing with my other projects.  However, I may post excerpts on this blog if any of it turns out to be interesting.