Dream House

by syaffolee

Last night, I dreamed that my parents bought a house that they intended to rent out.  My sister and I were helping them clean out all of the junk that the previous owner had left behind, putting all of this stuff in the front yard for a sale.  Apparently, everyone else in the neighborhood had the same idea so the entire street filled with yard sales. Bargain hunters soon rushed in to see what there was to buy.  It was as crowded as a Macy’s during an after Christmas sale.

When I awoke, what I remembered most was the house. It wasn’t something that I would have bought.  It was too cramped and byzantine.  But it had entirely wood floors which I really liked.  Although now that I think about it, I would have liked any wood or stone floor.  The occasional rug would have been fine. But I hate carpet.  Absolutely hate it.  If I ever end up buying a house, I would most likely rip up any carpet and replace it with something else.

This kind of surprised me because I generally don’t have any idea what my “dream house” would look like–or if I even had a dream house.  I feel that I am a long ways away from even thinking about buying a house. So what business is it of mine that I even have these impossible preferences?  However, there it is.  What are these preferences?  Well, some would say it’s kind of wishy-washy. There are certain styles which I think are unattractive, but it’s more of a case of only knowing vaguely what I like.

So here’s what I’ve come up with:

*No carpet.

*Minimalism everywhere, except for the place where I stash my books. There might be the occasional piece of art and quite possibly a photo or two in a corner somewhere, but there will be only enough furniture to make the place livable.  And absolutely no knick-knacks.  None, whatsoever.

*A white room with lots of windows, a wood floor, and awesome acoustics.  The only things in this room are a grand piano and a cello.

*A room that has been converted to a library.  Floor to ceiling shelves that are crammed to bursting with books but mysteriously has space for more.  The room will be lit with weird paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling and populated with gigantic stuffed toys that look almost like owls.

*A garden filled with a variety of tulips, planted willy-nilly.  I’m not very good with plants, though, so this may never come to fruition.