Barely Finished

by syaffolee

On the last day of August at 11:15 PM, I finished Augnowrimo at 50,504 words.  It was extremely stressful.  For pretty much the entire month, I was behind on my word count which has never happened to me before.  This is definitely not something that I’m going to let happen this coming November.

One failure for the month was in never starting Pomegranate + Hellhound, the novella that I had planned out the month before.  Instead, I ended up writing a patchwork of shorter works.  Which was just as well, I suppose.  I never really found myself in the frame of mind to actually write the novella and quite possibly, my word count could have suffered even worse had I tried.

As for the bits of short stories that I did write, all of them except for one are in no shape to be read by anyone else.  They need some extensive editing.  But to give you an idea of what the stories were about, here are a few of them:

1. Bluecap stumbling onto the domain of the queen of the kobolds
2. An intergalactic detective investigates a crime at a museum of space junk
3. A woman inherits a scary house on the East Coast with a mind of its own
4. A scavenger discovers the remains of a sky city in a lake of caustic water

The one short story that I did finish, In the Hall of the Mountain King (inspiration and summary in a previous post), had to be edited during the month because of the Augnowrimo anthology submission deadline.  Honestly, I’m not sure I want to do this sort of thing again.  That is, the editing and writing at the same time bit.  It is hard going from one mindset to the other. (One thing Nanowrimo has taught me is to compartmentalize the writing process.  If I just write, I don’t have to worry about editing, thus I’m able to finish the rough draft.  If I’m editing, I don’t have to worry about finishing the story, I just need to polish.)  And yeah, the deadlines within deadlines is enough to give anyone a complex.

The Augnowrimo anthology is something that the organizers for the event puts together. I’ll probably post some information on it when it becomes available.  As far as I know, my short story will be one of the thirty short stories in the the anthology.  And they’re all from different genres.  I don’t think anyone makes a profit from the anthology as it’s going to be sold at the price of the production costs.  So I may as well make an electronic copy of my short story available somewhere on my website when the anthology does come out.

So the next project?  I just realized that the 3 Day Novel Contest is this weekend.  I should be excited, but it’s kind of making me cringe.  At the moment, all I want to do is anything but write.  I’ve pretty much had no break since the beginning of July*.  However, I have an idea about using a cancan dancer as a main character.  We’ll see how much outlining I can do before Saturday rolls around.

*I’m sure professional writers will roll their eyes and just see this as whining.  After all, they write all year round.  Theoretically anyway.