Seventy-Two Hours of Mad Scribbling: Day One

by syaffolee

As of this writing (approximately 4 PM), I have a little over five thousand words written for the 3 Day Novel Contest.  The story itself is flowing readily.  The only problem is time.  Most of today, I’ve been doing other stuff–like errands and various lab things.  Tomorrow, I actually plan on spending a bit of time shopping for food and doing laundry.  I will also be in lab then, too.  So while I technically have a goal of 10k for each day, it would be great if I could get more than that done before tomorrow.

Anyways, the story.  The setup is there.  Some of the main characters are experiencing angst completely unrelated to the problem about the crazy rat horde invading an alternate Paris, but it’s a parallel storyline.  There’s some cancan dancing imminent–perhaps in the next thousand words or so–definitely with no dull moments.

Of course, I may change my mind the further I go into this.  We’ll see how far I get on that 10k mini-goal for today.  And tomorrow, I’ll either be still chugging along or wailing about my horrible time management skills.