Seventy-Two Hours of Mad Scribbling: Finished

by syaffolee

Last night at 10:30 PM, I finished the novel for the 3 Day Novel Contest at 34,624 words.

It needs quite a bit of editing, of course.  The beginning and the last three thousand words or so probably need massive rewriting.  And there are scenes in the middle that need cutting since I’ve digressed more than I needed to.  But on the whole there is a beginning, middle, and end.  Which is sort of a first because the previous times I’ve done this, the stories have either meandered around without a coherent plot or when there was a plot, I ended up with more story than I could have written in three days.

I’m sure there are writers who use this kind of thing to pound out a story or to have fun.  Well, I’ve done both, but I think I’ve also learned something as well.  Or at least I try to take away something new every time I do a timed writing challenge.  This time, I think I’m getting better at plotting to word count.  The outline I did for this story was not too long and it fit my personal 30k goal rather well.

So what now?  I’m going to take this week off writing fiction.  The creative part of my brain, at the moment, feels exhausted from the past two months of a grueling noveling regimen.