A (Tentative) Synopsis

by syaffolee

I have a really bad track record in writing contests in which I compete with other people.  As in–I never win.  This, of course, fuels my growing belief that my writing sucks but it doesn’t stop me from entering said contests (in fact, I submitted a short story just this morning to yet another contest).  I guess I’m just a masochist for rejection.

Last year, Nanowrimo introduced a program called 30 Covers, 30 Days in a which a lucky participant gets a cover for their Nanowrimo project designed by a professional.  I submitted a synopsis last year which, needless to say, did not get picked.  But since Nanowrimo is doing this program again this year, I figured, what the heck, I’ll try again.

So here’s my tentative synopsis for Dining with Small Monsters which is shaping up to be a comic culinary sci-fi mystery:

* * *

The Galactic Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) is the largest broadcaster in the galaxy.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s making any money.  With the advertising credits for its long-running staples of reality shows, interactive gaming, and crime dramas plummeting, Nigel Mot–the CEO of the GBC–hatches a daring plan to resurrect the network: start a travel documentary series featuring the origin of the foods served at the coronation banquet of Nigel’s doomed ancestor, the 42nd Emperor of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Euphrosyne “Euphie” Tanaka-Teng, still smarting from getting kicked out of the prestigous Andromeda Film School, has seen the writing on the wall–the ratings for the reality show she’s working on as a temp is at an all time low.  But before she can update her resume, she’s offered a position as assistant holographic projectionist on a new show called “Dining with Style in the Delta Quadrant” hosted by none other than the CEO of the GBC.  Thinking that this is her big break, Euphie joins the documentary crew, only to realize that her co-workers’ only experience with documentaries is watching ancient footage of David Attenborough in The Tribal Eye and reading reviews of This Is Spinal Tap.

But while Nigel, Euphie, and the crew eat and film their way through the Delta Quadrant, they start critically examining his ancestor’s banquet menu and uncovering evidence that the accidental food poisoning of the 42nd Emperor may not have been so accidental after all.  And as strange, unexplainable things start happening on set, it becomes clear that someone will go to any cost to stop the documentary team from finding the truth about the emperor’s death which could have a devastating impact on the aristocracy governing the galaxy.

* * *
As this year’s professional cover designer is yet another person who specializes in literary fiction, I have pretty much zero confidence that I’ll get picked this time around, too.