Nine, Sort Of

by syaffolee

Traditionally, today is when I ponder my blogiversary.  Except this blog isn’t the same as it used to be.  Earlier this year, when Blogger decided to discontinue FTP service, I decided to move the blog to WordPress and rename it.  And at the same time, I combined my Nanowrimo blog with my main blog so that now, an even larger percentage of my posts are writing oriented.  I have also decided not to fiddle with the template and just use one that has already been provided by WordPress.  I figured that a default template would lend my blog even more anonymity.  I do not try to court attention.  I do not care if no one reads this blog.  And if there are visitors, I hope they stay because of the writing and not because I have some snazzy graphics.

I guess I’ve been around on the blogosphere for a while–although not as long as some–and my audience is still around in the single digits, if at all.  And yes, there are still days where there are absolutely no visitors.  The no visitors bit doesn’t bother me much, but one would think that after all of these years keeping a blog with a somewhat regular posting schedule, I would have built up some sort of a readership even without any effort.  But no.  Recently I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s just my style.  Online, I try to call things as I see it.  Sometimes I read back over what I had posted and think, “Man, I was cranky.”  But I’m not so much of a goody-goody that I ever delete anything.  That sort of attitude probably antagonizes people.  Oh well.  I don’t really care for networking with people who want fake happy personas anyway.  Networking fiends annoy me just on principle.

So, the blog.  There is some effort involved in keeping it not dead, of course, but that usually involves posts of the tl;dr variety.  I actually don’t have much to say about that, except that it is probably one of the reasons why this blog is one of unread millions.  And will probably continue to be so.