Progress from the Third Week

by syaffolee

For those of you just tuning in, I’m currently participating in Nanowrimo or National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. In a concentrated burst of crazed writing, I managed to reach 40,000 words yesterday at an afternoon write-in. At the moment, I’m not sure anything is making sense. However, I have finally introduced the double agent character into the story. It’s not very obvious at the moment who he or she is.

The main characters of the story, a documentary team doing a show on food, have reached a space station near a black hole. They’ve timed it to coincide with a festival celebrating the ancient musical genre of techno. Needless to say, there are also some pretty psychedelic comestibles also present at said festival.

Here are some excerpts from the latest chapters:

From Part IVd:

“Oh, I don’t know about that. It may be because the creature has been engineered to be a genius, not because of any deficient brain power on your part. Weren’t you considered a chess prodigy while you were growing up on your homeworld?”

“That fact,” I said, “was supposed to have been expurgated from my records.”

“Expurgation doesn’t stop me when I’m trying to do research,” he replied. “Maybe we could play a game against each other some time. I’ll have you know that I’m pretty good at chess, too.”

“I would be too easy of an opponent for you. But if you’re so sure about your game prowess, why don’t you try playing against genius gerbil yourself?”

“No thanks. I’d rather keep today on the up and up by contemplating ways to wrangle you into dinner rather than getting beaten by a rodent in 3D chess.”

From Part Va:

“Sir,” I said, addressing the chef who was giving me the evil eye, “My involvement in the kitchen will be quite minimal. All I will be doing will be installing some holographic recorders so that we can get some scenes of you and your assistants working in your element.”

The chef did not seem particularly swayed by my explanation. “Art cannot be made with the eye of some authority looking over my shoulder! In the end, it will be the idiotic public who will be scrutinizing the way of the artist. And does the public know anything about art? No! They’re all ignorant about art!”

The lieutenant gave the chef a stony expression. “There are already security cameras in the kitchens so that people are already scrutinizing you and your assistants. The holographic recorders will not be any different.”

“It’s an invasion of privacy!” The chef’s voice, which was already at a loud decibel, rose even higher in outrage at this latest piece of knowledge. “Artists need privacy to create art!”

“Your art ends up being eaten by the public.”

From Part Vb:

That was the simplified explanation that Jardin gave to Mot while they had been talking about the drink. A more complicated and complete picture would have to be explained by a physical chemist.

However, the potency could not explain the men’s change in behavior. According to all the reports about Agoutain wine consumption, drinkers were said to become mellow and more sociable. Relaxed. They weren’t supposed to be unusually energetic. The first sign we got that something had seriously gone wrong was when Kameel abruptly decided to leave the table and pursue an attractive woman on the dance floor. Then Jardin suggested that they go out dancing with the rest of the revelers and Mot had readily agreed. From what Mot had told us during our last crew meeting, he hated dancing. And singing. And that no one, no matter how adamant or high up in the GBC chain of command, was going to coerce him into doing any of these stunts.

But here was Mot, dancing on a table with a light fixture on his head. Vik, of course, kept filming as he kept remarking to me in my ear comm, “This is awesome! Think of the ratings!”

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